Quality - our maxim

The more qualified your work as mystery shopper is the higher is the amount of assignments given to you by us and the higher is your and our worth. A couple of important requirements are associated to successful cooperation.

These are

  • sense of responsibility
  • reliability
  • flexibility and
  • duty of care.

If you further have common sense and the suitable self-confidence and are able to write reports fluently, then you are in the right place with us.
At any time you can decide whether you want to accept one of our suggested assignments or not.

Award of contract

The order is placed on the basis of your feedback. At the same time you will be given notice by e-mail or telephone that a new assignment is available.
The order is presented to you with the suitable conditions. Afterwards you can decide whether you want to accept the assignment. The award of contract is carried out by using the "first come, first served" principle.

Acceptance of contract

If you accept an assignment, you will be briefed in written form or via phone by us before each commitment or a classroom training course will take place.
All documents given to you must be read carefully so that you execute the assignment correctly according to the specifications.

Conduction of assignments

If you have accepted an order, you have to be obtainable for us during the time of the assignment so that you can be informed about possible changes or ask occuring questions fast and contemporary. Before each assignment we will give you the relevant documents.