That you're good - you can persuade yourself— how good you really are – you can only find out with the help of others.

Welcome to Performance Check

That's why we analyse the service where it occurs: at the point of sale.
You as a potential customer, check the service in the retail trade through test purchases or on-site interviews. Or you call a company, ask for advice, complain or place an order.

We are permanently looking for reliable and flexible employees Europe-wide to support us with a wide variety of studies full-time, part-time or in their free time.

If you would like to be registered as a mystery shopper or interviewer, please fill out the personal questionnaire at registration completely and truthfully.



Long waiting times, lack of willingness and competence to provide advice - these are noted by mystery shopping and serve the company as decision-making criteria for corporate optimization.

Auditory acoustics

Adaption of hearing aid devices is a very personal, consultation-intensive and time-consuming process. For this we need hearing impaired, qualified and interested persons for tests with hearing aid acoustic professionals.


You have an entitled customer complaint but you are left "starving to death on the long arm". Reveal grievances and help to analyse the relationship between customer and company.